Death is funny when it happens to conservatives, see.

Because everyday is punch a Nazi day. And everyone but them are Nazis.

Fox News: Far-Left justice correspondent for The Nation and frequent MSNBC pundit Elie Mystal suggested a “rich White person” take Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito to “see the Titanic” amid reports of a missing tourist submersible.

Mystal was criticized for “wishing death” on Alito and later claimed it was just a “joke.”

We live in a time when people are protesting on the front lawns of Supreme Court justices. One man was arrested on the lawn, admitting he’d come to kill a Supreme Court justice.

And yet, tweets like these are ok?

Even David French took issue with that one and didn’t write an article on how we’re really at fault.

Will MSNBC suspend this person? Refuse to put them on the air? Distance themselves?