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Month September 2016

Awww. Nazis Buried Time Capsule. As If We’d Forget Them Otherwise

Nazis buried a time capsule. I guess they thought we’d forget them. Nope. Not as long as we have the History Channel rerunning documentaries on every battle of the Big One, pals. No such luck. A time capsule buried in… Continue Reading →

Linda Greenhouse: Hey, It’s a Good Thing Scalia Died, Huh?

The former NY Times Supreme Court and current Yale professor reporter thinks Antonin Scalia died at just the right time because democracy. Sweet, huh? Free Beacon: Linda Greenhouse, a senior fellow at Yale Law School who spent 30 years as… Continue Reading →

School Approves After School Satanic Club

Headline: “School OK’s After School Satan Club.” Me: It’s about time. I mean, sheesh, we kicked God out decades ago. What took Satan so long? But the federal government is “worried” about homeschoolers. *subhead*Put Your Blurb Here.*subhead*

Poor Girl, Doesn’t Know She’s Priceless

I guess nobody told her she was priceless. The Sun: A STUDENT is auctioning her virginity online so that she can raise enough money to study abroad. Ariana, 20, from Russia, is selling her virginity on an escort site —… Continue Reading →

The Most Radical Of Traditionalists

Please go read my latest at the Remnant about the kind of radical traditionalism you hardly ever hear about. *subhead*You never hear about.*subhead*

What Kaepernick Did To Lose USA Today’s Support

This is hilarious. You see, bench warming football “player” Colin Kaepernick refused to stand for the National Anthem and he received support from the media. He wore socks that depicted police officers as pigs and he still gained support from… Continue Reading →

That’s Weird. Potential Humans Addicted to Actual Opiates

More babies in the US are born addicted to opiates like heroin. That’s weird. How does a “blob of tissue” become addicted to something humans can get addicted to? Fox News: The proportion of U.S. babies born suffering from withdrawal… Continue Reading →

Most Irresponsible Tweet of the Day

Governor Howard Dean suggested that the reason we heard Donald Trump breathing through his nose is he’s a coke fiend. Seriously. That’s what he suggesting. Democrats will stop at nothing. Their end-justifies-the-means politicking must stop. *subhead*Ugh.*subhead*

Best Tardy Note Ever!

This is just priceless. Seems like a good family. The mom dictated the note and the daughter wrote it out. Love this. *subhead*Teenager.*subhead*

Lester Holt Lost, Trump Meh, Hillary was…Hillary

Last night was a dud. It was pretty unsurprising. The only thing that surprised me, to be honest, is that Trump didn’t really go after it. He was kind of meh. Everything else was predictable. Lester Holt predictably played the… Continue Reading →

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