Nazis buried a time capsule. I guess they thought we’d forget them. Nope. Not as long as we have the History Channel rerunning documentaries on every battle of the Big One, pals. No such luck.

A time capsule buried in Hitler’s Germany was unearthed recently in modern-day Poland. The capsule hadn’t moved in 82 years, but the world above had changed dramatically.

In 1934, the capsule, a copper cylinder, was buried with a formal ceremony in the foundation of one of the buildings of a training center the Nazis were constructing to indoctrinate future leaders of the Third Reich.

The funny thing is that the capsule was opened with great fanfare, only to disappoint. There were some copies of Mein Kampf and some newspaper articles and coins. Yawn.

Just goes to show you. Evil is boring. And likes projects like third grade social studies classes.