The former NY Times Supreme Court and current Yale professor reporter thinks Antonin Scalia died at just the right time because democracy. Sweet, huh?

Free Beacon:

Linda Greenhouse, a senior fellow at Yale Law School who spent 30 years as a Supreme Court reporter for the New York Times before becoming a columnist for the newspaper, argued on Thursday that the death of Justice Antonin Scalia saved democracy in North Carolina.

Greenhouse wrote in a column Thursday that a recent Supreme Court ruling keeping in place a federal court’s decision striking down a voter I.D. law in North Carolina would have been threatened, had Scalia still been alive.

“Would it be unseemly to suggest that only Justice Scalia’s death has preserved democracy in North Carolina?” she wrote. “There, I just did.”

I love it when leftists pretend to care about democracy. It’s so cute. Y’know, in an ironic way.

Where was all the concern about democracy when people voted to uphold traditional marriage and judges just voted it away like whoosh? That’s democrazy for you. Linda also doesn’t seem to care when the courts took away the right of the people to vote on abortion.

Please remember the left is the side that cares about people. Except the people who get in the way of “progress.” Then you might want to watch out.

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