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Month July 2008

Sacrilegious Metaphor Alert

And on the sixth day he created Jar Jar Binks and failed to see that it was stinky. At least that’s how I would write the Gospel according to George Lucas. But I wouldn’t do that because it would be… Continue Reading →

Teaching Children to Love

Yesterday around 3:30 in the afternoon I was desperate to get out of the house so I decided to take the children out to the playground down the street. We were all starting to drive each other crazy so out… Continue Reading →

ABC News: Tiniest, Most Fragile of Patients

Matthew wrote just yesterday about why the pro-life movement will eventually will win. Among the reasons, Matthew wrote: Improvements in science continues to enhance our knowledge of what’s going on in the womb, putting pro-aborts on the side of being… Continue Reading →

Stuff You Should Read and Some Other Stuff

—Some stuff we came across in our travels… You Think Your Church Wants Too Much Money? Fr. Jay Toborowsky writes For those who complain, “The Church only cares about money” I went to a temple here and talked with a… Continue Reading →

Today on CMR – July 30, 2008

What Tradition is Obama Referring To?—It’s not the hubris. It’s the stupidity, stupid. Today’s Priestess—Fashion catalog for the 21st Century WomynPriest! Why Pro-Lifers Will Win—A few reasons pro-lifers will win…eventually. Obama Has Received His Reward—Obama prays so others might see… Continue Reading →

What Tradition is Obama Referring To?

“I have become a symbol of the possibility of America returning to our best traditions.” -Barack Obama This most recent example of Obama’s hubris is stunning not just because he so clearly thinks the world of himself but because it’s… Continue Reading →

Today’s Priestess

I love when received the Fall Fashion catalogs. Land’s End, J. Peterman, American Eagle. Love them. Can’t afford them, but I can look. Imagine my horror when received the Fall Catalog for the Roman Catholic WomynPriests.Although, I am considering buying… Continue Reading →

Why Pro-Lifers Will Win

Pro-lifers will win. I’m convinced of it. As long as we hold to our values against the world’s dehumanizing trends we will counter this darkening culture with light and eventually prevail. Here are a few reasons for my hope: 1)… Continue Reading →

Today on CMR – July 29, 2008

Obama Has Received His Reward—Obama prays so others might see him by leaking them to the press. Are You a Fundamentalist?—Whatever that means anyway. A Man Among the Womyn!—UCC Pastor gives brilliant smack to the womynpriests and Minister who participated…. Continue Reading →

Obama Has Received His Reward

This is easily the most sickening political story of recent memory. This story has gotten a lot of play the last few days. Obama stuck a prayer written on a piece of paper in the Western Wall. It was a… Continue Reading →

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