Pro-lifers will win. I’m convinced of it. As long as we hold to our values against the world’s dehumanizing trends we will counter this darkening culture with light and eventually prevail.

Here are a few reasons for my hope:

1) Pro-aborts can’t call themselves what they are. They call themselves pro-choice. It’s a not-so-subtle nomenclature shift meant to appeal to freedom-loving Americans. But in the end, I believe, if your rallying cry is a lie your supporters are going to figure it out after a while. They’re not pro-choice. They’re pro-abortion. But they can’t admit to that. If you have to lie about what you’re for, you’re going to lose…eventually.

2) Improvements in science continues to enhance our knowledge of what’s going on in the womb, putting pro-aborts on the side of being “anti-science.” When Roe first became the law of the land pro-aborts argued that the baby wasn’t a baby at all but just a clump of cells. Most people know that’s not true anymore. People have seen 3-D Ultrasounds. People have seen the photo of the baby reaching out during an in-utero surgery. The numbers of the ignorant are dwindling and that aids our cause.

3) There are no great pro-choice speeches and there never will be any. You can’t move people by speaking eloquently of the right to have consequence-less sex with someone you don’t love. Think back – how many great speeches in the American pantheon have there been which include the words “rape and incest.” I’m thinking it’s a pretty low number. “Give me freedom or give me rape and incest” just doesn’t work right. Even the great orator of our time Barack Obama could only come up with, “I don’t want them punished with a baby” in support of abortion. Pro-lifers on the other hand speak about those things which move us -life, rights and God. In the end, our superior speechifying will win out.

4) We pro-lifers have more babies. It’s simple. Those that don’t believe in killing babies in the womb typically end up having more babies. Pro-lifers are more…prolific. Go to church some Sunday and you’ll hear a chorus of babies attempting to drown out the sermon. You don’t bring babies to a NARAL meeting. It’s considered rude. In the end, demographics win.

I truly believe we’ll win. We have to. We must. And we must never accept that some must die for convenience or that some must be selected to die for the greater good of society. And we must not accept that killing someone is a mercy to them because their life would be difficult due to illness. Until every life is legally esteemed as sacred we should never rest and never give up.