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Month August 2009

Is Randall Terry Helping?

I’ve read somewhere that Randall Terry is staging a comeback in the pro-life community. I know some people love him and others think he’s a shyster. I honestly don’t know enough about him to know which is true but I… Continue Reading →

Connie’s Corner

Liberty without a little shoutingis like a melody without music. Progress always moves forward. Progressivism does not. The quality of Gov’t programsare inversely proportionalto their perceived urgency.

Fr. Barron on Edward Kennedy

Bring Out Your Dead!

Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and many other Democrats aren’t wasting a moment before politicizing the death of Ted Kennedy to further their legislation. Hey, they even politicized the man’s funeral. ABC is reporting that Pelosi said, “Ted Kennedy’s dream of… Continue Reading →

I’m a Barabbian

I don’t understand how atheists adopt much of Christian morality while saying there’s no God. Many still profess to be kind, caring and loving. They aspire to be charitable to the poor and help friends in need. In fact, they… Continue Reading →

Prayer for ObamaCare at Teddy’s Funeral

Nice. Including ObamaCare in the intentions during Ted Kennedy’s funeral mass was a new low in the politicization of Kennedy’s death. And the fact that they had a child do it was clearly an attempt at attempting to shield it… Continue Reading →

Kennedy Like Moses and Peter

It’s always the right wing that gets accused of mixing in religion and politics. We get accused of bringing God into politics. The left doesn’t so much as bring God into politics, they just elevate their politicians to divinely inspired… Continue Reading →

Pope Not Sufficiently Acknowledging Kennedy?

Time Magazine worries that the Pope hasn’t made any statement about the passing of Senator Edward Kennedy in a piece entitled “After Kennedy’s Death: Silence from the Pope. As of yet, unlike some other world leaders, Pope Benedict has not… Continue Reading →

Ad: 50% Off Abortion if You Show Student ID

A hospital in Chongqing, China, recently released an advertisement offering half-price abortions for women who show a student ID, SF Gate reports. The advertisement (above) reads: Students are our future, but when something happens to them, who will help and… Continue Reading →

Court: Homeschooler Too Religious, Must Join Public School

Uh-oh. A New Hampshire court is ordering a girl to be taken out of homeschooling and put into the public school system because she might be too religious. As is typical with these kinds of cases it seems to have… Continue Reading →

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