Time Magazine worries that the Pope hasn’t made any statement about the passing of Senator Edward Kennedy in a piece entitled “After Kennedy’s Death: Silence from the Pope.

As of yet, unlike some other world leaders, Pope Benedict has not commented or issued an official communique in response to Kennedy’s death.

Giving it more prominence is the fact that the story is also linked above the banner on the Drudge Report.

Hey Time Mag, did you know 146,000 people die every day and 99.9999 percent of the people who die don’t go remarked on by the Pope?

Hey Time Mag, just because Ted Kennedy was your guiding star on immigration reform and abortion, doesn’t mean he was all things to all people.

Hey Time Mag, although Kennedy was your favorite Catholic he was still just a Senator.

Hey Time Mag, the Pope is the Pope of the world. Not Washington DC. And not just America either. The world.

And Ted Kennedy doesn’t need a press release right now. He needs prayers. And that, I’m sure, he’s getting from the Pope. And the Pope is praying for the other 145,999 folks that died the same day as well.