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NY Times Lied About Capitol Murder

Now that Trump has been acquitted, I suppose it is safer to admit that a principal driver of the sham impeachment, the murder of Officer Brian Sicknick by a fire extinguisher wielding Trump supporter, has and had no basis in… Continue Reading →

Lib Radio Host: “Scum, Nazi Pope.”

Remember when everyone in the media lit their torches and sharpened their pitchforks for Rush Limbaugh for calling a woman who wanted the Catholic Church to pay for her contraception a “slut.” But last week a liberal radio host in… Continue Reading →

Lamest Attack on Easter…Evah!

CNN asks all the tough questions, don’t they? They asked yesterday if your Easter basket is ethical. Now, while the issue of child slave labor in cocoa fields is real, you’ve gotta’ love how CNN decides to run this right… Continue Reading →

Kirk Cameron is the New Limbaugh

Kirk Cameron told Piers Morgan that homosexual marriage is “destructive” and “detrimental” to society. That’s like chum in the water for the media sharks. Fresh from their Limbaugh maiming, they’re seeking the easy prey of avowed Christian and former teen… Continue Reading →

GOP Congressman’s Daughter Tweeted About Contraception, Media Descends

A pro-life Congressman in favor of defunding Planned Parenthood has six children, one of whom tweeted that she was picking up contraception at Planned Parenthood. Now the media, which is currently, obsessed with lecturing conservatives on civility in the discussion… Continue Reading →

Columnist: Mullah Santorum May Lead to Beheading

Have you noticed that so many of the pieces written against Rick Santorum aren’t really about Santorum’s views. So often what you hear is disbelief and horror that Santorum actually believes in his Catholciism. Richard Cohen’s latest column is a… Continue Reading →

Disconnected Logic or Just Lies

I understand that the secularist pro-abortion left is diametrically opposed to pretty much everything I stand for. I get it. But you know what drives me crazy, is that they insult my intelligence while doing so. They constantly try to… Continue Reading →

If You’re Anti-Gay You’re Catholic!

Chris Matthews, a Catholic who, just a few years ago was honored at my alma mater Saint Joseph’s University, said recently that if you’re anti-gay you should become a Catholic.” You know us Catholics. We’re all about being anti-gay. Soctt… Continue Reading →

Media Lies About Obama “Compromise” with Catholics

CNN reported yesterday that the Obama administration just announced they’re willing to compromise with Catholics over the HHS mandate. Great…except…it’s a complete fabrication. And I mean a complete fabrication. Check out the report here: What is actually being said by… Continue Reading →

“Bonhoeffer” Author Compares Obama’s HHS Mandate to Nazi Germany

Whoa. MSNBC must have lost its mind today when author/guest compared President Obama’s encroachment of religious liberty to the first steps taken by the Nazis in Germany. Something tells me that this is the last time “Bonhoeffer” author Eric Metaxas… Continue Reading →

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