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NBC News Tells Women to Avoid “Suffering” a Pregnancy, Get a “Termination Kit.”

NBC News covered the recall of two Pfizer brands of birth control pills on Wednesday’s NBC Today by suggesting a “termination kit.” Co-host Ann Curry worried that women “may suffer unintended pregnancies” because of it. Suffer a pregnancy? Almost sounds… Continue Reading →

Hey, Did You Hear about Cardinal Bevilacqua?

Have you heard that Cardinal Bevilacqua was investigated for shuffling priests during the clergy abuse scandal? Well, if you read any of the press reports of the Cardinal’s death, that might just be all you know about him. Oh yeah,… Continue Reading →

Hey, Has Anyone Seen My GOP to KKK Decoder Ring

I’m feeling a little inadequate recently because I keep reading and seeing on television that Republicans are speaking in code. I keep seeing that everything they say implied racism. But I have a confession to make. I think I’ve misplaced… Continue Reading →

Romney Racist Because He Helped Black Women

This is sheer liberal lunacy. Two absolute numbskulls are essentially criticizing Mitt Romney for giving $50 to a black woman on the campaign trail who seemed to really need some money. So as far as I can make out from… Continue Reading →

Tebow Makes Journalists Crazy

Yahoo Sports’ Shutdown Corner has a piece on Tim Tebow and it starts with this disclaimer: (Disclaimer: AP style says I’m supposed to capitalize the word “God,” so that’s what I’m going to do. It’s not an endorsement of a… Continue Reading →

Seriously. The Most Biased Media Ever.

In 2008, I reached a personal tipping point. Whereas I used to get worked up over media bias. But it was so over the top in 2008’s run up to the election that I just started laughing about it. If… Continue Reading →

USA Today’s Catholic Cheap Shot of the Day

USA Today, in reporting about sexual abuse of young boys at Penn State University, takes the cheapest of shots at the Catholic Church in their featured story. Here’s the headline: Catholic bishops’ lesson for Penn State: Call the cops! Mind… Continue Reading →

Bashir: Can Cain Spell Iraq?

I’m not really a Herman Cain guy. For many reasons. I like the guy but I just don’t like him as President. At least not yet. But this kind of attack just drives me crazy. Martin Bashir asks if Herman… Continue Reading →

Hilariously Biased “News” About Ave Maria

The Miami New Times wrote an article blasting Ave Maria, the University and the town. It’s actually one of the most hilariously biased ledes I’ve ever read. Marielena Stuart stood in the middle of a quiet street, 120 miles across… Continue Reading →

Whitewashing The Slaughter of Christians

In recent days it’s come to light that many black people are living in fear in Libya. Black immigrants who came to Libya as workers are suspected of being loyalists to Qaddafi. They are subjected to arrest or worse. The… Continue Reading →

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