This is sheer liberal lunacy. Two absolute numbskulls are essentially criticizing Mitt Romney for giving $50 to a black woman on the campaign trail who seemed to really need some money.

So as far as I can make out from these talking airheads, Mitt Romney is clearly racist because:
1) He’s white and she’s black.
2) Because he’s rich and she’s poor.
3) Because he actually handed her some money instead of talking about the need for a government program to give that lady money.

It’s funny because in this video these two black talking heads seem more embarrassed by the black woman than anything else. They honestly don’t even like speaking about her. They essentially ridicule the lady saying God called her to seek out Mitt Romney. And then seeing Mitt help her out, to them is patronizing.

When these ladies see this woman they see a stereotype that embarrasses them. When Mitt Romney saw her, he saw a person who needed a little help. But Romney’s the one somehow who did something wrong here?

You’ve got to see this lunacy:

Thanks to Weasel Zippers for the vid.