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Dem: Stay at Home Moms Never Work a Day In Their Lives

A Democratic stratetigst is rightly creating a firestorm. Democratic strategist Hilary Rosen said on Anderson Cooper 360 that Ann Romney was unqualified to speak about the kinds of economic issues facing women in America because she had never “worked a… Continue Reading →

Mitt’s Etch-a-Sketch Politics

This is exactly the kind of thing that scares the heck out of me about Mitt Romney. I’m thinking Mitt’s advisor here on CNN is telling the truth when he says that everything Mitt says in the primary is written… Continue Reading →

Romney: Santorum Too Liberal to be My Veep

You gotta’ love how easily Mitt Romney says things that everyone knows are not just untrue but loony. Romney said today that he couldn’t possibly pick Santorum to be his vice president because Santorum’s waaaaaaaaay too liberal. Look, Santorum has… Continue Reading →

You Might be Mitt Romney If…

Comedian Jeff Foxworthy has been stumping for Mitt Romney recently in Mississippi and Alabama. Radio host Chris Stigall started running a play on this on Facebook. Foxworthy is best known for his “you might be a redneck” routine. So give… Continue Reading →

Romney Beat Santorum Among Catholics

I know there’s no CATHOLIC VOTE. There’s too many different kinds of Catholics. And I can’t say it surprised me a bit to see that Romney beat Santorum among Catholics in yesterday’s Michigan primary. (Ace has the poll breakdown.) Romney… Continue Reading →

Romney Advocated Forcing Catholic Hospitals to Administer Abortion Pill

Rick Santorum wrote an op-ed in The Politico defending conscience rights. And it’s a good strong defense. But this op-ed will be remembered for eviscerating GOP opponent Mitt Romney. Recently, Romney has spoken out against the Obama administration attempting to… Continue Reading →

Romney Racist Because He Helped Black Women

This is sheer liberal lunacy. Two absolute numbskulls are essentially criticizing Mitt Romney for giving $50 to a black woman on the campaign trail who seemed to really need some money. So as far as I can make out from… Continue Reading →

Tebow: All He Does is Win (Dance Mix)

I love this mainly because everything Tebow does well only serves to anger some. Think about this. Michael Vick who killed dogs is a member in good standing in football and in the media. Tim Tebow, though, is controversial. Think… Continue Reading →

Santorum Actually Means It

I was speaking with a friend on the phone yesterday from college. He’s kinda’ pro-life but not passionate about it and fiscally conservative but not very religious. He’s a little squishy, if you know what I mean. In short, he… Continue Reading →

A Santorum Victory! Who Else Won?

Yeah Santorum technically lost by eight votes in Iowa last night but if you can’t see that last night was a huge victory for former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum you’re just not paying attention. And here’s the thing -it’s possible… Continue Reading →

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