Comedian Jeff Foxworthy has been stumping for Mitt Romney recently in Mississippi and Alabama.

Radio host Chris Stigall started running a play on this on Facebook. Foxworthy is best known for his “you might be a redneck” routine. So give us your best “…you might be Mitt Romney” one-liner.

Here’s a few to get you started. You might be Mitt Romney if:

If someone asks you what you plan to do about the National Debit and your first thought is, “Well, I could just write a check,” you just might be Mitt Romney.

If you think strapping your dog to the roof of your car is “taking the dog out”, you might be Mitt Romney.

If your position on important matters sways with the slightest breeze, but your hair stays in place in a category 5 hurricane, you might be Mitt Romney.

If you think of John Kerry as a working class candidate.

Now it’s up to you:

(Remember, you can post your comments at Stigall’s facebook site too.)