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Rap: I’m Pregnant and I Know It!

Shamelessly stolen from Chelsea Zimmerman

A Jack for All Seasons

This is another great post from Dan Lord who blogs regularly at The Strangest of Wars. In 1571, the chivalrous Don Juan of Austria led Pope St. Pius V’s hastily gathered defense forces in an epic sea battle at Lepanto… Continue Reading →

Sex Robots

Trending right now on Yahoo are stories on sex robots. According to several reports, sex robots will take the place of prostitutes in 2050, according to a new paper. I hope they don’t run on gas or the environmentalists would… Continue Reading →

Abortion and Cigarette Stubs

A buddy of mine has a pro-choice wife. Very pro-choice. In fact, she seems almost obsessed with raising the subject any time I see her. This past weekend I stopped by my buddy’s house to pick him up. We were… Continue Reading →

Stuck in a Binky Drought

This is the latest guest post from blogger Rebecca Frech. It’s another great one and we’ve been so happy to have her here this past month. Can you hear the crying in my house? The 5 month old has been… Continue Reading →

Jose Canseco Thinks You’re Stupid

In what might be the greatest series of tweets ever tweeted, infamous dumb guy Jose Canseco says global warming could’ve saved the Titanic and then scolded global warming deniers for not understanding his advanced scientific thinking. The former slugger and… Continue Reading →

Join the Million Bon-Bon March

Just days after Democrat strategist Hillary Rosen said that Ann Romney, mother of five, had never worked a day in her life, the President of the National Organization of Women has now gone out of her way to insult stay-at-home… Continue Reading →

Worst Timing of a Movie…Evah!

Right now, neighborhood watches are in the culutral crosshairs with the killing of Trayvon Martin. Let’s face it, the response from every angle has been a bit of a mess, from the media, to the Black Panthers, to those defending… Continue Reading →

Worst Mom…Evah!

Rebecca Frech really cracks me up. She’s been guest posting this month and we’re happy to have her. You can read her regularly at Shoved to Them: Since moving to Texas, we have discovered the “Playgroup” phenomena. I’m sure there… Continue Reading →

The Grateful Drunk

This is a great story from Dan Lord who blogs at The Strangest of Wars. I don’t know if you can plead your own cause for sainthood, but I’ve decided that God intends for me to one day be known… Continue Reading →

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