Just days after Democrat strategist Hillary Rosen said that Ann Romney, mother of five, had never worked a day in her life, the President of the National Organization of Women has now gone out of her way to insult stay-at-home moms.

NOW president Terry O’Neill, according to Newsbusters, told MSNBC’s Ed Schultz tonight that Ann Romney lacks the “life experience” and “imagination” to understand most Americans.

Raising five kids isn’t enough “life” experience, I guess. Maybe if Ann Romney had an abortion or two, that would’ve rounded her out a little more.

Maybe the National Organization of Women should become the National Organization of Some Women.

Like I said yesterday, I’m a stay-at-home Dad. I can tell you that I’ve never worked harder in my life as a Dad than I did working outside the home. And I’d bet that you get a heck of a lot more “life experience” caring for five little people than you do sitting in a cubicle or even pontificating on MSNBC.

So I’m thinking that stay-at-home parents should form some kind of march to protest the insults. We need some kind of huge political statement that says something about us. How about the million bon-bon march since all we do is sit home and eat bon-bons all day?

We’ll all get together and bring a heap of those delicious nugget sized chocolate goodies and march right thru Washington. What do you say? The only thing is I’ve got to be back home by 2:30 to pick up my kids.

Hey, even if nobody pays attention, maybe it’ll give us that life experience that we so sorely lack. Oh, and don’t bring your kids because that’ll make us look bad to the libs. Besides, the kids might want us to share the bon-bons.