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Month October 2018

Josef Mengele Escaped to Argentina and Became an Abortionist

In the early 1990’s, Argentine authorities opened its archives to reveal that several Nazi war criminals found safe haven in South America, including Dr. Josef Mengele, also known as Auschwitz’ Angel of Death. Mengele is infamous for his horrific experiments… Continue Reading →

The Seams of Civilization are Tearing

We have lost something. We have lost it because we broke it and we don’t know which pieces to pick up. Destroying is always easier than building. This nation which was built on the motto “E Pluribus Unum” has become…… Continue Reading →

NY Times: Anatomy Does Not Determine Gender, Experts Say.

NY Times: Anatomy Does Not Determine Gender, Experts Say. Me: Uhm. Experts in what? NYT: Defining gender as a condition determined strictly by a person’s genitals is based on a notion that doctors and scientists abandoned long ago as oversimplified… Continue Reading →

Witches and Mobs are at least on the same side this time

I read recently that there are more people in America practicing wiccan-ism than there are Presbyterians. Hey, to me, going from Presbyterian to wiccan seems like a lateral move but…whatever. Now, it seems a coven of witches is gathering to… Continue Reading →

100 Years Ago, Hollywood Made an Anti-Abortion Movie

There haven’t been many since Where Are My Children I keep reading that Hollywood wanted nothing to do with the new movie Gosnell because abortion is such a divisive topic. That, of course, is complete manure. They want nothing to… Continue Reading →

Went to see Gosnell?

One funny thing about going to see “Gosnell.” Before the movie, there’s a preview for a movie about what a hero Ruth Vader Ginsburg is and everyone was looking around confused. One old guy asked his wife to check the… Continue Reading →

10 Ways the Mafia Isn’t like the Abortion Industry

Pope Francis recently compared the abortion industry to the mafia. If you ask me, that’s not really being fair to the mafia though. Here’s one difference: When the mafia kills, it’s illegal. Here are 10 ways the mafia is different… Continue Reading →

Why Planned Parenthood Supports Birth Control

If birth control really curbed pregnancy rates, why would Planned Parenthood, which depends on abortion money, support free birth control for everyone? The point is continuing to disconnect sex from pregnancy in the minds of people, actions from consequences. And… Continue Reading →

Good News! Google Exec Believes in Hell!!!

Good news: A Google Executive believes in Hell. Bad News: he thinks you’re going there. A Google executive named David Hogue recently deleted his tweet about the GOP’s confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. “You are finished, @GOP. You… Continue Reading →

Anti-Kavanaugh Protest Canceled for Hating on Columbus

Headline: Anti-Kavanaugh protest postponed ‘in recognition of Indigenous People’s Day. Me: Come on people, cant we hate on Columbus and Kavanaugh at the same time? #multitasking Campus Reform: An anti-Justice Brett Kavanaugh protest at Scripps College in California was postponed… Continue Reading →

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