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Month October 2018

Kavanaugh Hires Four Women as Clerks! Boof! Reactions are Priceless

The newly sworn in Justice Kavanaugh just hired his four law clerks, all women. That’s some mad trolling right there. Boof! The left responds with appropriate lunacy. Ok, so #KangarooKourtKavanaugh hires all-female law clerks. First, this immediately calls into question… Continue Reading →

Cardinal Oullet Calls Vigano’s Claims against Pope “Blasphemous.”

A top Vatican cardinal issued a scathing rebuke Sunday of the ambassador who accused Pope Francis of covering up the sexual misconduct of a prominent American cardinal, saying his claims were a “blasphemous” political hit job. Hmmm. I don’t think… Continue Reading →

Twitter Does Job Georgetown Won’t

So, at least now we know that on the list of most vile institutions, Georgetown is somewhere below Twitter. So apparently, a Georgetown University professor tweeting about castrating senators who support Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh was too much for… Continue Reading →

The Media’s Not Melting Down over Kavanaugh. This is Every Day

Some are writing that the media is making their profession seem ridiculous because their bias is so obvious on this Kavanaugh story. Jonah Goldberg wrote a piece titled “You Idiot Reporters Are Making It Worse.” He essentially starts off with… Continue Reading →

Media have Lost it

In a press conference, President Donald Trump didn’t answer ABC’s Cecilia Vega question about Brett Kavanaugh because he wanted to talk about the just signed trade deal. So Vega ridiculously tweeted: “A news conference means you get to ask whatever… Continue Reading →

“The hierarchy simply does not have the trust of a significant portion of the laity.”

The excellent Archbishop Chaput has been allowing young Catholics to offer their views on the 2018 synod of bishops focusing on youth which starts this week. Below is a letter he received on September 30 from India. The lack of… Continue Reading →

It’s Time to Drive the Enemedia out of Existence

This just get worse and worse. The left will stop at nothing. USA Today publishes an opinion piece suggesting Brett Kavanaugh be prohibited from coaching girls basketball, insinuating that he is a pedophile. It is time to drive the enemedia… Continue Reading →

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