Some are writing that the media is making their profession seem ridiculous because their bias is so obvious on this Kavanaugh story.

Jonah Goldberg wrote a piece titled “You Idiot Reporters Are Making It Worse.”

He essentially starts off with saying,

I mention this up front to acknowledge that many of the people I am appalled by are, individually, smart and decent professionals. But, as a group, they are making fools of themselves and their profession, and making the country’s problems worse.

He adds:

I’ve spent much of the last couple of years decrying the increasing partisan tribalism of our politics. I’ve earned some strange new respect from liberals (and at times regrettable new enmity from some conservatives) because I’ve been willing to call out my team. A case in point: I don’t like President Trump’s “enemy of the people” rhetoric about the “fake news.” I don’t think it’s true or helpful or presidential. “Enemy of the people” is a totalitarian and authoritarian term of art unfit for our country or our president, and employing it gives license to the press to indulge its worst instincts.

But I’d like to make one thing clear. Their bias and willingness to deceive is no different on this story than it is on any other day. It’s just that they’re all working on the same story right now so it magnifies it and makes it easier to see.

But make no mistake, the media is this bad every day. It’s just easier to ignore on other days.

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