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Month April 2020

The Atlantic: Censorship Is Necessary and Good. Yay China!

I’m actually not kidding. That’s pretty much what they say. Some idiot Harvard Law professor put his pom moms on for Chinese style censorship. These guys hate people. They certainly hate Americans. Here’s what he wrote: “In the great debate… Continue Reading →

The Old Normal Wasn’t That Great

I’m interested in what we’re calling the new normal. Hey folks remember, the old normal wasn’t that great. Maybe this can act as a reset button culturally. Probably not though, right? I used to think that if Americans had a… Continue Reading →

They’ve Monetized the Back Alley

Progressives said they had to legalize abortion so as to create standards to protect women. And now they say they have to remove standards to protect women. All that’s happened is they’ve learned how to profit off the back alley…. Continue Reading →

Birth of Baby to CNN Correspondent is Perfect for Bible Bashing and Environmental Preaching

Everything must be politicized. Even the birth of your baby. Newsbusters: Leave it to a CNN correspondent to exploit his own son’s birth to push his eco-freakish politics in a cringe letter published on CNN’s website. CNN Chief Climate Correspondent… Continue Reading →

Twitter Mob/ Churnalists Descend on Stupid Actor For Speaking Truth about Islam

Actor Jeff Goldblum became a topic of discussion on social media for his questions about Islam’s treatment of the LGBTQ community and women during Friday’s episode of “RuPaul’s Drag Race.” Goldblum’s questions came after contestant Jackie Cox walked the runway… Continue Reading →

My Wife is Quarantining All Wrong!!!

My wife is quarantining wrong. When I’m told to stay home for months at a time I look at it like a prison sentence with my adorable children. I think we’re supposed to sit there and act like we’re in… Continue Reading →

My Solemn Prayer for this Pandemic

I pray that this pandemic brings people back to Christ and when the churches reopen they are filled…but none of you newbies better be in my family’s pew. Or else.

WWE Considered Essential. Churches Still Closed

Florida deems WWE pro-wrestling ‘essential business’ amid coronavirus pandemic. But churches across the country are still closed. What if we promised to wear spandex and spray tans? Hey, Catholics have been free to go to Mass in the US for… Continue Reading →

Notes from the Apocalypse II

I believe it was TS Eliot who said “April is the cruelest month” but most forget the rest of that immortal line which reads “but March pretty much blows too.” I keep telling everyone that today is not the day… Continue Reading →

Stories from the Before Time

Future interviews with several people who lived through the now, possibly.  “I remember back in ’20, when it all started.  None of us really knew what was happening.  The leaders of the government and health authorities seemed to change their… Continue Reading →

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