I believe it was TS Eliot who said “April is the cruelest month” but most forget the rest of that immortal line which reads “but March pretty much blows too.”

I keep telling everyone that today is not the day to panic. It turns out that day was sometime last month.

Seven people at home here. Don’t want to get into details but yeah, we’re burning thru toilet paper pretty fast here. But one or more of my kids have taken to just putting the next roll not on the roller but on top of it. This is how civilizations fall apart children. This is how anarchy is loosed. We must have rules!!!!

I think I need to get out of the house for a while. Please don’t tell my governor. #snitchesgetstitches

So I was reading today. I do that now because THERE’S ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ELSE TO DO!!!! Anyway, I read a story about how out in California, the government has secured 8,250 SF hotel rooms for the homeless.

Um, no offense to my wife and kids but could I have one? I’ll be good.

But I did read about typhoid and how that impacted the country back then. Years ago, when typhoid was killing pretty much everyone, they did a big investigation that cost countless man hours and dollars to find patient zero. And it turned out it was someone named Typhoid Mary.
I’m like, I would’ve found her practically right away.

Now, we just need to find someone named Wuhan John.