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Month July 2020

Barr’s Question is a Hilarious Gut Punch

Oof. ???? ???? https://t.co/xrlCekZowg — Johnny (Joey) Jones (@Johnny_Joey) July 28, 2020

Matt and Madonna. Together at Last

Headline: Madonna’s post supporting a coronavirus conspiracy theory concerning hydroxychloroquine appears to have been removed, after it was flagged by Instagram for sharing false information. Me: Well, you did the unthinkable 2020! You have me siding with Madonna. What next?!… Continue Reading →

Anti-Catholic Vandalism on the Rise

It’s amazing what happens when you dehumanize a certain group and name them an enemy of progress, charity, and mercy. See Hutus and Tutsis. The Week: A monument to the victims of abortion inscribed with a verse from Isias knocked… Continue Reading →

Planned Parenthood in NY Bounces Margaret Sanger

The Planned Parenthood in Manhattan has removed Margaret Sanger’s name because of problematic quotes about black people. So now, the group can go about its business of killing unborn blacks without being called racists.

CNN: Hey Christians, Remember Biden is a Strong Person of Faith

This. Is. CNN. I didn’t even read this. I saw that Charles Martel on Facebook posted it and I was just all eye-roll about it. But it’s worse than that. This story isn’t news. It’s a campaign ad. Nothing more…. Continue Reading →

We Do Not Like to be Reminded of Death

That so many people die in hospice or nursing homes, away from everyone else, allows many of us to forget that death is part of life. Our banishment of the elderly and dying allows us to pretend that we will… Continue Reading →

Supreme Court Says Catholic Schools Can Be Catholic

Any institution that can’t hire and fire for mission no longer has a mission. Catholics should be celebrating. I know the world seems a little crazy right now and Catholics, at least the online ones, seem to be at each… Continue Reading →

Supreme Court Sides with Religious Freedom

The Supreme Court has ruled that two Catholic schools were within their rights to dismiss two teachers on the basis of classifying them as “ministers” rather than secular professionals. So, what this all came down to was that the US… Continue Reading →

No Place in the WNBA for US Flag?

First, the most surprising news. The WNBA still exists. I know, right? Atlanta Dream co-owner Kelly Loeffler, a U.S. senator from Georgia, suggested the WNBA put American flags on warmup jerseys instead of “Black Lives Matter” and “Say Her Name.”… Continue Reading →

Mysterious Sounds in China Make Me Think…2020

OK. This is either a sign of the apocalypse or Yoko Ono’s new cd. To be honest, I don’t know which one would be worse. This is pretty 2020, isn’t it?

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