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Month April 2011

Brian Williams Is a Caveman

Remember when some evangelist said that the hurricane in New Orleans was a punishment from God and everyone freaked out on him. Well, Brian Williams is essentially saying the same thing in his little cutesy paganesque way. Williams, like a… Continue Reading →

Pro-Choice, Pro-Gay Marriage Laura Bush to Headline Church Fundraiser?

Laura Bush was a classy first lady. Very likable. But…and this is a big but… I’m not sure it’s cool at all for her to headline a fundraiser for a Catholic church as she is publicly pro-abortion and pro-gay marriage…. Continue Reading →

The First Annoying Vegan

This one made me laugh. HT Wheat and Weeds

Fr. Pfleger Supporters Rally at Cardinal’s Residence

I guess we should’ve seen this coming. Supporters of Fr. Pfleger protested outside the Cardinal’s residence. The crowd was upset at the Cardinal’s suspension of Father Michael Pfleger from ministry duties at St Sabina. Pfleger had previously said that he… Continue Reading →

The Party Of Beta Males

Let’s face it, there is a dearth of men in the leadership of the Republican party and the GOP presidential field has more beta males than a Star Trek convention. After the spineless GOP congressional leadership lost the 2011 budget… Continue Reading →

Philly: Free Condoms for 11 Year Olds!!!

A new website called Teens Take Control from the Philadelphia Department of Health is pushing free condoms to children as young as 11 years old by offering to mail them free. (Mind you, the kids just have to check that… Continue Reading →

The Good Goering

You probably know that Hermann Goering was one of the architects of the hellish Nazi concentration camps for political dissidents and Jews among others. You probably know that next to Hitler, Herman Goering was the man who played the largest… Continue Reading →

Junk DNA is the New Appendix

Remember for years and years we were told that appendixes were completely useless and proof that we lived in a godless world because no God would put something in us that was useless and could kill us. Well, remember it… Continue Reading →

Man Arrested for Preaching

The guy was preaching about fifty feet away from a DMV that people were standing outside waiting for it to open. The charges were “impeding an open business.” Two things:1) They weren’t impeding anyone. They might have been annoying some… Continue Reading →

Carrie Underwood “How Great Thou Art”

Carrie Underwood sang “How Great Thou Art” for a country music special “Girls Night Out: Superstar Women of Country,” which aired Friday night on CBS and it’s become a viral hit receiving over a million hits online. Pretty awesome. Wait…. Continue Reading →

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