Let’s face it, there is a dearth of men in the leadership of the Republican party and the GOP presidential field has more beta males than a Star Trek convention.

After the spineless GOP congressional leadership lost the 2011 budget debate due to a bad case of testicular absencia, Governor Pawlenty made this wimpy comment.

When asked after the speech about ethanol subsidies—which have come under fired from some fiscal conservatives, but are considered crucial in Iowa, where Pawlenty’s campaign could live or die—he hedged.

“We can’t just pull the rug out from under the industry,’’ he said.”There are going to have to be some changes, but we have to be fair-minded about it.’’

Fair-minded? Ethanol subsidies have always been a disgrace but now they are downright immoral as food prices continue to soar.

I hate panderers. Hate ’em.

We need men. Men who tell the truth, even if people don’t want to hear it.

Only in a party this wimpy could a bana braggart like Donald Trump seem like a man.

Four more years.