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Month May 2017

Progressive Christian Denomination, Isn’t Dying. It’s…Uhm…Changing to the Point of Non-Existence

Look, understanding and/or accepting the nature of reality was never a strong suit for liberal Christianity. But this, from the same-sex marriage endorsing and pro-abortion Presbyterian Church USA, really goes above and beyond. PJ Media: Demonstrating their denial of the… Continue Reading →

Judges Say No Experimental Cure for Baby Charlie Despite Parents’ Wishes

There is a very sick baby named Charlie Gard in the UK. Baby Charlie is currently on life support and his parents want to take him to the United States for what is a pioneering and experimental treatment. But doctors… Continue Reading →

Princeton Prof Absolutely Loses Mind Over Trump

This Princeton professor spoke at Hampshire College’s commencement ceremony and went completely crazy anti-Trump. I read a brief summary and came away with one important question. The Blaze: Princeton University professor Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor issued multiple vile attacks against President Donald… Continue Reading →

GoFundMe for Journalist’s Glasses. Heh.

Washington Examiner reports the latest in our national saga. A GoFundMe page was launched on Thursday to replace the glasses owned by Ben Jacobs, a reporter for the Guardian who was allegedly body slammed by then-candidate for Montana’s U.S. House… Continue Reading →

ISIS claims deadly attack in Egypt. But Don’t Worry. Victims Were Just Christians

This will not be getting a lot of focus from the news. These animals forced the Christian pilgrims off the bus and killed them. MSN.com: The Islamic State group on Saturday claimed responsibility for shooting dead 29 Christians on a… Continue Reading →

Science is Racist.

Its now being reported that Europe was the birthplace of mankind, not Africa. One would have to assume Europe’s birth rates were much higher back then. All I can say is it appears to me that science is like totally… Continue Reading →

So is This an “England is Doomed” Thing or a Guy “Trying to Fix Things” Thing?

So, is this a “yeah, England is definitely doomed thing” or is this more like a “women want to talk about their feelings and the guy just wants to talk solutions but he should just shutup and stop trying to… Continue Reading →

NBC and Newsweek Just Tweeted the Most Racist Message for The Bachelorette

First came this 1960’s ad from NBC to promote The Bachelorette. I mean seriously, do they really think this is an issue in America today? They’re so #woke it’s like they’ve been in a coma for 60 years. James T…. Continue Reading →

Anyone Have Divorce Rates for Same-Sex Marriages?

I never thought the whole gay marriage thing was actually about marriage. I don’t ever see secular progressives building anything. They tear down. That’s what they do. Isn’t it interesting that many of the same people who, for years, argued… Continue Reading →

MSNBC and Chris Matthews Interrupt Bombing News with Anti-Trump News

So bent and twisted is MSNBC about Donald J. Trump that news of a horrific and enraging terror attack on children seems of secondary importance to them. I actually don’t know who to blame. MSNBC for thinking its viewers care… Continue Reading →

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