Look, understanding and/or accepting the nature of reality was never a strong suit for liberal Christianity. But this, from the same-sex marriage endorsing and pro-abortion Presbyterian Church USA, really goes above and beyond.

PJ Media:

Demonstrating their denial of the law of non-contradiction, within the relativistic world of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) or PCUSA, losing almost 90,000 members in a single calendar year is not evidence of a dying denomination; it signals that the denomination is reforming. Losing around six percent of the liberal Presbyterian denomination’s membership in twelve months is apparently a good thing, not a bad thing.

In the last four years, the PCUSA has shed around 300,000 members, and the denomination has dipped under 1.5 million members (in 2010, the PCUSA boasted a membership roll of over two million). That’s not an insignificant loss of membership. Based on the current pace, the PCUSA will have less than a million members by 2024. If the trend isn’t halted, the PCUSA could be nonexistent by mid-century.

According to a press release posted on the PCUSA’s webpage, however, the leadership of the denomination have dusted off their rose colored glasses, and are thankful for the loss of membership. They see it as a good thing.

Responding to the report, the Rev. J. Herbert Nelson II asserts, “We are not dying. We are reforming.” He supports his claim by pointing out that, “Despite cries decrying the death of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), we remain a viable interfaith and ecumenical partner in many local communities while proclaiming a prophetic witness throughout the world. Our eulogy as a denomination has been written too soon, because God’s kingdom has not yet come.” He added, “We are well-respected for our priestly and prophetic voice within Christendom.”

So well respected that it will cease to exist shortly.

Yet, despite this, we are often told that the Catholic Church should emulate itself on its liberal protestant counterparts. I’m starting to wonder if its not enemies of Christianity who keep suggesting ridiculous things like that. Or maybe they’re just really stupid.