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Month January 2021

AP: Hey, Remember that Evil Treasonous Riot. Totally Christians.

Ah. This is clever. First, allege that the riot on Capitol Hill was the worst and most violent thing to happen in the history of the country. Call it evil. Call it traitorous. Now, link the riot to Christians. The… Continue Reading →

So, It Turns Out Hydroxycholorquine Works. Sorry About Those Thousands Dead. But Hey, Trump Lost!!!

The American Journal of Medicine published a study affirming the effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine in treating Covid. Whoops! Oh, and Facebook now admits it was a “mistake” to censor posts about the drug that could’ve saved hundreds of thousands of lives. One… Continue Reading →

Serve God, Defend Life, and Piss off the Left. Win/Win/Win

Every year, the MSM downplays the number of people who March for Life. Lets all log in to the virtual March for Life and show the world a number they cant ignore!!! Just for funzies, we can compare that number… Continue Reading →

Big Tech Doesn’t Like Us and It Will Never Be Our Friend

 As a Gospel-believing, unborn-baby-loving, traditional-marriage advocate who will tell anyone and everyone that there are two sexes and only two sexes, I’ll admit it’s gotten a little embarrassing that I haven’t been kicked off Facebook yet. It’s starting to make… Continue Reading →

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH: The politics of COVID-19 is DESTROYING our children

I never ever want to hear politicians saying we’re doing something for the children. They obviously don’t give a damn about the children. Through a massive government overreach we are causing a pandemic of teen depression, suicides and overdoses due… Continue Reading →

Joe Biden is Our Perfect Representative

Joe Biden is a perfect representation of modern American Catholicism. He is the mirror image of the majority of Catholics, rifling through the teachings they like and ignoring those that are inconvenient. If that is a scary thought, it is… Continue Reading →

Uh-oh. Fr. James Martin is Happy

What fresh hell approaches? We  are treading on dangerous ground in which every  step is previously untrodden. I  fear we  are already so far  down the path, we will have a  very difficult time finding our way back.   Michael… Continue Reading →

The New 2+2=5

 Look, I’ve been all set to get dragged off to some hellscape camp or dank prison for some time. I’ve been prepared for it to be on charges of “Illegally promoting Christianity” or “anti-abortion  activities.” Those are charges I can… Continue Reading →

Alec Guiness’ Conversion Story Shows How Far We’ve Come

Sir Alec Guinness is recognized  as one of the greatest  actors of  the 20th c century. Known for many  classics  such  as Bridge on the River Kwai to his iconic role  of Obi Wan Kenobi  in Star Wars, Guiness  took… Continue Reading →

Asking the Amish Question

 The Amish live near me. I’m not endorsing their theology or even their way of life. But they judge whether this or that technology will bring them closer to God? Or will it be a distraction from God? I think… Continue Reading →

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