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Month January 2021

No Ash Smudges? How Else Will People See I’m Catholic?

 Instead of placing them on the forehead, Catholic priests have been directed  by  the Vatican sprinkle ashes on the head of the faithful during the observance of Ash Wednesday next month. So we won’t get those odd smudges that look like Bob… Continue Reading →


Hedonism requires collectivism. The moment the individual loses self discipline, the state will be urged to intercede in order to protect the individual from the consequences of his hedonism. Once the state controls consequences it controls the individual. We exist… Continue Reading →

Funeral for a Young Man

 I’m sitting in the crowded parking lot of a local parish. I drove my son to the funeral of a young man who went to his school. If these young people knew how much they were loved by us and… Continue Reading →

I’m On with My Favorite Jesuit Fr. McTeigue Discussing the GA Election and its Aftermath

ABC News Political Director Calls for “Cleansing” Trump Supporters

This is  amazing. Completely unsurprising but amazing.   ABC News Political Director Rick Klein called for the “cleansing” of Trump supporters Thursday following the Capitol Hill chaos, which featured the president’s loyal followers storming the complex. He  has since deleted it… Continue Reading →

So You Wanna’ Fix the World?

Remember that depressing moment when you were a kid watching a show on tv and you realized there’s only a few minutes left and there’s no way this will all be wrapped up. Oh no this is a “to be… Continue Reading →

Who Tried Harder to Lose, Eagles Coach Doug Pederson or the GOP?

 Honestly, the candidates the GOP put up in Georgia are the equivalents of putting third string QB Nate Sudfeld in a close game. You really do have. to ask yourself, did the GOP really want to win? Was victory in… Continue Reading →

NY Times Celebrates China’s Version of “Freedom.”

The left has altered and emptied many words of their meaning including “male and female,” “Amen,” “marriage,” and even “human being.”  Next up is “freedom.” NY Times:  China resembles what “normal” was like in the pre-pandemic world. Restaurants are packed…. Continue Reading →

The “A-women” Chorus Should be Mocked and Ridiculed

 Washington Times:  The 117th Congress kicked off with a fresh controversy Sunday when the Democrat delivering the opening prayer concluded by saying “amen,” and then added “a-woman.”  Rep.  Emanuel Cleaver, Missouri Democrat, ended his prayer “in the name of the monotheistic god,” then… Continue Reading →

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