Honestly, the candidates the GOP put up in Georgia are the equivalents of putting third string QB Nate Sudfeld in a close game.

You really do have. to ask yourself, did the GOP really want to win? Was victory in Georgia their top priority? Or was it something else? Was distancing itself from Trump more important to them than victory? You’d have to say yes.

Hundreds of thousands. of people who came out to vote for Trump just two months ago, didn’t show up at the polls yesterday. 2,194,578 people voted for Perdue. Just two months ago, 2,461,584 voted for Trump.

Why? That’s easy. The candidates were uninspiring and the GOP exhibited such apathy in the face of clear voter fraud that hundreds of thousands of  GOP voters just didn’t see the point in voting. Why vote if the vote counts would be paused at some point overnight when it was clear how many votes the Democrats needed to win and then the next morning they’d just magically be there?

Make no mistake.  The country got worse today with the Georgia vote.  Much worse. Worse for life. Worse for religious liberty. Worse for economic freedom.

I honestly believe we are witnessing the end of the Republican Party. They no longer want us and we no longer trust them. A third party will form.

I think this country is in for a uphill battle. A long steep uphill battle. The Democrats may create two more states. They may pack the court.  This will virtually guarantee a Democrat majority for years to come.

Take 70 million people. Take away their vote. Don’t allow their views to be represented in the media. Have Big Tech ban them. No vote. No voice. 

How does this end?

Spoiler alert: Not well.