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Month June 2012

Why Aren’t They Quoting Polls?

Short little note here. Liberal Catholics always use polls to show they’re right. We get the 98 percent poll of Catholics actually wear condoms on a daily basis just in case they meet someone they’re attracted to on the train…. Continue Reading →

Catholic One Day a Week, Obamaphile 24/7

You know how Catholics have been arguing that faith isn’t something we just practice on Sunday. But the Obama administration doesn’t seem to understand that and have sought to separate people of faith from actually living out their faith with… Continue Reading →

Stream Of Unconsciousness Part V

I swear, this is close to the last one of these. I think. * * * I was born with a debt I cannot pay to those who gave me my liberty. Now I have to go into debt which… Continue Reading →

Stream Of Unconsciousness Part IV

To all those that think Roberts outsmarted the Dems I say: He curtailed congressional power by granting immense power it never had before? O the cleverness of me! You want silver linings? Fine. America will be bankrupt long before a… Continue Reading →

We’re All Abortionists Now

Congratulations, you will soon be complicit in the death of the unborn. What happened yesterday is as incredible as it’s insane. Barney Frank after six appletinis is easier to understand than Chief Justice John Roberts’ decision. It’s often said that… Continue Reading →

Some More Stream Of Unconsciousness

Boy I miss the days when the commies lived on the other side of the world. At least then we could hide under desks. Where do we hide now? When does liberty get a bailout? Ya know, litmus tests for… Continue Reading →

Today’s Decision Supports The HHS Mandate

I have been thinking about this. As a result of today’s decision that the individual mandate is a tax, the HHS contraceptive/abortofacient mandate is more likely to survive SCOTUS review. Why, you say? Because now that SCOTUS has turned the… Continue Reading →

Please Stop – Justice Roberts Is Not Being Clever

If I see one more person on the internets suggest that perhaps Justice Roberts is being clever and outwitted the Dems by using a tax justification instead of the Commerce Clause I will scream. Stop. Please stop. People, the progressives… Continue Reading →

Some More Thoughts On Today’s Disaster

In no particular order and with no particular theme. See. I told you there was no rapture before the apocalypse. Thought myself a citizen, now know I am merely a subject. I was a good citizen.But I promise this, I… Continue Reading →

Now Obamacare is a Political Issue

Obamacare is legal, according to the Supreme Court. Now it’s up to us to make it toxic. It’s now a political issue. I think many Americans believed the court would do the right thing and toss the individual mandate so… Continue Reading →

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