Congratulations, you will soon be complicit in the death of the unborn.

What happened yesterday is as incredible as it’s insane. Barney Frank after six appletinis is easier to understand than Chief Justice John Roberts’ decision.

It’s often said that the two certainties of life are death and taxes. Barack Obama just conveniently combined them for us – with an awesome assist by John Roberts.

Healthcare is now about the redistribution of wealth as well as the redistribution of guilt. We’re all abortionists now. But actual abortionists are paid. You actually have to pay for the right to share in the guilt. Awesome new government program, huh? Remember how we’ve been fighting to have the federal government stop funding Planned Parenthood. Now we have to fight to prevent us from funding Planned Parenthood.

And please don’t anyone say they only supported Obamacare because they didn’t see the abortion funding coming. That was about as foreseeable as Joe Biden speaking and acting like a concussion victim. Let’s be real, the funding of abortion was never a question in this healthcare plan.

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