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Month September 2019

Transgender Suit Against Catholic Hospital Moves Ahead

There’s a case that Catholics should be aware of. In the case Minton v. Dignity Health, a California state appellate court held that a trial court should not have dismissed a suit filed by a transgender man whose doctor was… Continue Reading →

When Animal Rights Activists Sorta Celebrities Attack “Celebrity” Witches

OK, I’ll admit this is fun. Leftie celebrities are bashing each other. I don’t know who to root for. This is like when the Patriots play the cowboys. I’m just hoping the team busses crash into each other. Pass the… Continue Reading →

Is the Pro-Life Movement Racist?

The pro-life movement is the natural born enemy of white nationalism. Harvard Law Professor Laurence Tribe‚Äôs Twitter feed is a relentless parade of unintentional comedy but recently he stepped up his game and performed one of the most cringetastic internet… Continue Reading →

Newsweek: Say, What’s Wrong with Cannibalism Anyway?

I suppose once your culture allows executing infants in the womb and euthanizing the elderly, it’s no surprise that the taboo on cannibalism might be next. Newsweek ran a piece authored by two university lecturers suggesting that cannibalism could just… Continue Reading →

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