The pro-life movement is the natural born enemy of white nationalism.

Harvard Law Professor Laurence Tribe’s Twitter feed is a relentless parade of unintentional comedy but recently he stepped up his game and performed one of the most cringetastic internet face plants since the grape crushing lady fell out of her barrel. Impressed but not deterred, the Washington Post said, “hold my beer.”

For the past year, the hippest trend among the self declared elites has been accusing everyone on the right to be in league with Russia. Please recall CNN chasing a poor elderly woman around her front lawn because she ran a tiny Pro-Trump Facebook site that was trolled by some random Russian company. But unfortunately for them, all that came crashing down when Robert Mueller testified in front of Congress that he couldn’t remember his name or if he was wearing pants, and mumbling erratically about where he should put his urine sample which was currently in his Dragnet lunchbox. This four-hour-long nationally-televised spectacle sent D.C. scrambling for the exits in search of other random baseless accusations to hurl at their political opponents.

And out of the leftist imaginatorium emerged the latest strategy of accusing everyone to the right of Kamala Harris of being a white nationalist. To listen to the media, you’d think that the totality of the 21st-century human experience was colluding with Russians or plotting with Nazis.

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