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Month December 2008

I Guess We Don’t Need God’s Help

You remember Michael Newdow, the spotlight seeking atheist who filed the lawsuit against the use of “under God” in the Pledge of Allegiance. He’s now seeking the removal of “so help me God” from the oath to be read by… Continue Reading →

Of Wikipedia ,Hammers, and Candles

The Internet is a very powerful tool. As blog readers and writers, we know this as well as anyone. Want to find excerpts of Fred Gwynne in Car 54? No problem. Go to YouTube. Want a street level view of… Continue Reading →

Today on CMR – December 30, 2008

New York Times Loves Religion—Times reports on study about the superior self control of the religious. Idiots Love Rainbows—The colorful symbol of hopeless halfwits. Polygamists Sue to Redefine “Couple”—How many more broken hearts will we accept for a narrow definition… Continue Reading →

New York Times Loves Religion

You may find it hard to fathom, but this article appears in the New York Times of all places. The article reports on studies that clearly show that religious people regularly exhibit more self control than their non-religious counterparts. If… Continue Reading →

Polygamists Sue to Redefine “Couple”

A large group of polygamists announced today they intend to sue the government and dictionary makers to change the definition of the Word “Couple.” “For too long the term ‘couple’ has been narrowly defined as two people and that’s practically… Continue Reading →

Idiots Love Rainbows

In what may be a first (if not a first, surely a rarity) a father and son, are both Catholic priests serving in the same Diocese. Making the story more interesting is that Father Dominic Cosslett(36) and his father Father… Continue Reading →

Today on CMR – December 29, 2008

Ex-Theme Makeover—Do you like the new look? If not, who cares what you think? Ban the Hokey-Pokey!—I’m trying to work up some retroactive feelings of shock. A Porn-tastic Christmas—A trip through the mall is a peek into our spiraling culture…. Continue Reading →

Ex-Theme Makeover

As you can see, I have done some tweaking to the layout and format of the blog. A few structural changes, but mostly just cosmetic. New year, new look. You may have noticed the new banner of the blog. I… Continue Reading →

Ban the Hokey-Pokey!

This is news to me. I mean, it’s 300 year old news but that’s usually about how long it takes for me to find out about things. It turns out that the Hokey-Pokey is an anti-Catholic song. When I think… Continue Reading →

A Porn-tastic Christmas

So I took the kids out to the mall to shop for Mom two days before Christmas. I want them to know that Christmas is not just about receiving but giving as well. Now let me ask a weird hypothetical…. Continue Reading →

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