You remember Michael Newdow, the spotlight seeking atheist who filed the lawsuit against the use of “under God” in the Pledge of Allegiance. He’s now seeking the removal of “so help me God” from the oath to be read by Chief Justice Roberts. And he’s asking for the invocation and benediction to be removed as well.

The lawsuit reads:“

…Defendants will have an invocation and benediction during the inauguration… Both of these activities are completely exclusionary, showing absolute disrespect to Plaintiffs and others of similar religious views, who explicitly reject the purely religious claims that will be endorsed, i.e., (a) there exists a God, and (b) the United States government should pay homage to that God.”

This isn’t the first time Newdow is trying this. He tried previously (and unsuccessfully) to remove prayer from President George W. Bush’s swearing-in ceremony.

This clown Newdow will say anything to get a microphone stuck in his face. I’m pretty confident that the courts will continue striking down this nonsense – for now. But after four years of judges appointed by Obama is it hard to imagine a scenario where judges begin to uphold this idiocy?

HT Bench Memos