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Atheists Exchange Bibles for Porn

Some atheist nutjobs at the University of Texas at San Antonio are offering Hardcore porn (is that redundant?) in exchange for bibles as part of their “Smut for Smut” campaign, according to news reports. The group, Atheist Agenda, argues that… Continue Reading →

Californians Shocked to Hear Prayer at CYO Game

Parents in California are reportedly shocked and appalled that a prayer is taking place before games run by the local Catholic Youth Organization! Some parents are fleeing the league with their children, horrified that their children saw or worse yet,… Continue Reading →

Junk DNA is the New Appendix

Remember for years and years we were told that appendixes were completely useless and proof that we lived in a godless world because no God would put something in us that was useless and could kill us. Well, remember it… Continue Reading →

Military Chaplains for Atheists?

Atheists are pushing for the military to have chaplains for atheists in the military. Uhm, we already have them. They’re called chaplains. An atheist has as much right to go see a chaplain as anyone else. If an atheist wants… Continue Reading →

Could You Marry an Atheist?

Could you marry an atheist? I’m asking this seriously because someone I know is seriously considering doing so and he asked me what I would do. He asked me seriously. I answered quickly because it was easy to me. I’ll… Continue Reading →

Pro-Lifers Face to Face With The Discovery Gunman?

Katie Walker of the American Life League said that she believes she met the Discovery Channel gunman James Lee face to face last year on June 6, 2009 for the national event called “The Pill Kills” day where they argued… Continue Reading →

Ask Your Doctor if They Believe in God

Forget examining the medical degree on the wall of your doctor’s office. Don’t ask where they did their residency. Don’t wonder what prestigious scientific journals published their work. Ask your doctor about their belief in God. If you don’t it… Continue Reading →

Newsflash: Hitchens Still an Atheist

Is anyone else finding the “deathbed” watch of Christopher Hitchens’ atheism a bit discomforting? Seemingly more important to many is not the death or life of Hitchens himself but the preservation or demise of his atheism. For some atheists (not… Continue Reading →

America Needs Better Atheists

Fox News reported that a group of atheists all got together to get themselves “debaptized” and they did this by using a hair dryer and muttering some phrases in Latin that they likely ripped off some episode of “Supernatural” or… Continue Reading →

Warning: Bible May Impede Your Judgement

Hanging in the Sacramento County Public Law Library is a painting of the Bible with a warning across its front which reads: “Warning! May Impair Judgment.” The library insists that there’s nothing wrong with this display despite some who say… Continue Reading →

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