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The Prime Minister Is An Atheist

You may have heard that Australia now has its first female Prime Minister. What you may not have heard, is that she is also an Atheist. Prime Minister Julia Gillard says “I’m not going to pretend a faith I don’t… Continue Reading →

“The Loser Letters” vs. Big Atheism

I just read “The Loser Letters” by Mary Eberstadt and I cannot recommend it highly enough. I spoke with the author on Saturday and wrote up a review at the National Catholic Register: The new atheists are on the march…. Continue Reading →

From Atheist Lesbian to Mother of Six

I love conversion stories. I just do. They’re stories that no matter how bleak they get you know there’s a happy ending. Check this one out at Lifesitenews: “I was an atheist for as long as I could remember” recalled… Continue Reading →

Cancel Mother’s Day! Now!

On May 9, 1914, President Woodrow Wilson issued a proclamation, declaring the first national Mother’s Day. Nearly one hundred years later a brave group of anti-mother activists are standing up against this discriminatory and likely unconstitutional day. The group expects… Continue Reading →

Oh No! Not Joss Whedon!

This is exactly why I want celebrities to stop telling me what they think. Because I want to like them but when they sound off and mock those things I hold sacred I can’t get it out of my mind…. Continue Reading →

Atheists Love You

Richard Dawkins has started up a charity called “Non Believers Giving Aid” so atheists can give to relief efforts in Haiti in a way which promulgates their atheism. Because as I’m sure you know when Haitians receive relief they’re very… Continue Reading →

Harvard’s Atheist Chaplain

Sad to see. My favorite part is when one of the Harvard humanists talks about Brad Pitt “coming out” as an atheist. Yeah. There’s a good reason to be an atheist. And these people call themselves “brights?” I love how… Continue Reading →

U.S. News: Religion is Dangerous, Creepy

We all owe a debt of gratitude to Brit Hume. Hume, you’ll remember recommended that Tiger Woods embrace Christianity. Gasp! Since then all…well…hell has broken loose. Media types are crawling over each other to excoriate Hume. But they can’t just… Continue Reading →

Good Without God?

I won’t be reading “Good Without God: What a Billion Nonreligious People Do Believe” by Greg Epstein, the Humanist Chaplain of Harvard University. I would’ve read it if I thought it had anything of interest to say about morality. But… Continue Reading →

Top Ten Scientific Explantions of Miracle of Sun at Fatima

The Miracle of the Dancing Sun at Fatima which was seen by 70,000 people on October 13th, 1917 has been written about often. But many people continually attempt to explain away the vision of the sun dancing in the sky… Continue Reading →

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