On May 9, 1914, President Woodrow Wilson issued a proclamation, declaring the first national Mother’s Day. Nearly one hundred years later a brave group of anti-mother activists are standing up against this discriminatory and likely unconstitutional day.

The group expects to file a lawsuit in federal court to prevent national recognition of mothers. Activists opposed to Mother’s Day wished to make it clear that they are not anti-mother only anti-Mother’s Day but when asked to explain the difference became unclear.

When asked why the country should no longer recognize Mother’s Day one man said he never knew his mother and has no knowledge of her and he questioned why the federal government is effectively forcing him to honor his mother who he’s not even sure exists.

In fact, the group argues that there are many reasons not to force Americans to honor mothers including doing it for the children. The activists argue that children in schools that have activities or spend time making gifts in art class for mothers are left feeling awkward if they don’t have a mother. They also pointed to a small but growing number of Americans who aren’t particularly fond of their mothers.

The group also said that this “day-long nationally enforced mother worship” has no precedence in our country’s founding documents. “Nowhere are mothers even mentioned in our Founding documents” said one activist. “Why do we all have to pretend to love our mother by order of the federal government?”

Anti-Mother’s Day activists are saying that if someone wants to praise and honor their mother they should do so privately and not force it down other people’s throats.

Some are arguing that Mother’s Day is an unconstitutional endorsement for one group of people (namely mothers) over other groups of people which is a violation of the equal protection clause. “Government has no business honoring some people and ignoring others,” said one twenty something man who was recently told by his mother that he had to get out of the house and find a job.

“What about all the women who decide not to be mothers,” said one activist. “Shouldn’t they be praised as well. When do they get their day?” The group argued that forcing people to honor mothers is also a way of shaming those women who are not mothers. It’s like the government is forcing women to be mothers if they want to be honored.”

This is the second nationally recognized day to come under attack. Recently the National Day of Prayer was attacked for many of the same reasons.

No pro-Mother’s day activists could be reached to comment in the story.