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Month August 2017

Heh. Protester Arrested for Groinal Assault on Tear Gas Canister

Insult meet injury. This antifa protester just got arrested, presumably for the assault his groin committed against that perfectly innocent tear gas canister. First, he needed a doctor. Now he needs a lawyer. His life just got worse. HT Weasel… Continue Reading →

Commonweal Oh So Perfectly Describes Sister Who Confronted Paul Ryan

Commonweal so perfectly describes the sister who confronted Paul Ryan. Oh, this is priceless. Earlier this week, Sister Erica Jordan asked House Speaker Paul Ryan a pointed question during a CNN town hall forum with his constituents. Her question—and the… Continue Reading →

Christian Ministry FIghts SPLC over “Hate Group” Label

You know how the game works. You have a Christian organization and then the SPLC comes along and labels it a hate group because it stands for traditional marriage (homophobe!!!). Then the media just passes this along and every time… Continue Reading →

9th Circuit: Football Coach Can’t Pray at 50 Yard Line

In the least shocking news ever, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled against religious liberty. I know, right? You might remember football coach Joe Kennedy’s asked the court to reinstate him to his job as an assistant football… Continue Reading →

Media Attacks Man for Crime of Supporting Trump While Black

The Washington Post is now running a story titled “The strange story of that ‘Blacks for Trump’ guy standing behind POTUS at his Phoenix rally.” (No links for asshattery.) But this is what they do if you cross them. And… Continue Reading →

Heh. Antifa Gets It Right in the Crotch

Just because the country is falling apart doesn’t mean we can’t get a laugh out of antifa getting instant karma to the crotch. Heh. It’s like America’s Funniest Apocalyptic Videos. *subhead*Ouch.*subhead*

Parents Pissed at Transgender Craziness in…Kindergarten

It’s almost like public schools just don’t care what parents think is best for their children. Almost. MSN.com: The Rocklin Academy school board is facing tough questions from parents concerned over a controversial incident involving transgender discussions inside a kindergarten… Continue Reading →

Study: God Mentioned in All State Constitutions

A new study from Pew Research Center finds that “God or the divine is mentioned at least once in each of the 50 state constitutions and nearly 200 times overall.” But it’s ok because we ignore the state Constitutions almost… Continue Reading →

Clergy Come Out in Favor of the Government Silencing Churches

A letter signed by more than 4,000 faith leaders from all 50 states was publicized and sent to Congress urging them to keep the anti-religion Johnson Amendment which forbids churches and non-profits from endorsing and opposing political candidates.   They’re… Continue Reading →

At “Pride Night” for St. Louis Cardinals, First Pitch to be Thrown by Transgender Man

I wonder if he’ll throw like a girl. Or how about this one. I bet he throws two balls. Or as Weasel Zippers wondered “Are hot dogs half off?” At the first official “Pride Night” for the St. Louis Cardinals,… Continue Reading →

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