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Month November 2008

Weekend on CMR – November 29-30, 2008

The “Old” Liturgical Movement: 1947 “Benedictine” Arrangement—Reform or discontinuity? Mother Teresa on Becoming Holy—The private writings of Mother Teresa are inspirational. Villagers Kill Male Babies to Prevent War—If women were in charge there would be no war, only mass infanticide…. Continue Reading →

Mother Teresa on Becoming Holy

I recently finished a truly moving book on the life of Mother Teresa of Calcutta called Mother Teresa Come Be My Light. In my ignorance, I never really thought much more about her other than knowing she was a saintly… Continue Reading →

The “Old” Liturgical Movement: 1947 “Benedictine” Arrangement

Our friends at the New Liturgical Movement have done a great service in bringing photos of the the newly-rediscovered “Benedictine” arrangement of altar candles and crucifix to the fore. Pope Benedict is rightly given credit for the revival of this… Continue Reading →

Villagers Kill Male Babies to Prevent War

The old saw that there would be no war if only women were in charge was proven true today by a story coming out of New Guinea. They’re right. If women were in charge there would be no war. There… Continue Reading →

Writer Sues Gibson for “The Passion”

This is kind of sad and kind of funny in a sad way. A screenwriter is suing Mel Gibson saying that he was underpaid for his work on “The Passion. Now, since this was a movie based on the Bible… Continue Reading →

Today On CMR – November 28, 2008

Schadenfreude Alert! Rosie Bombs—Must not feel good about anti-Catholic bigot’s dismal failure. Must not…heheheheh! Movie Review About Bolt and Me—Bolt is great. But I had a…difficult time. Priests Top The Charts?—Three Irish priests taking on Guns and Roses. Fr. Barron:… Continue Reading →

Schadenfreude Alert! Rosie Bombs

Please be warned that an epidemic case of schadenfreude has broken out among Christians across America due to the dismal failure of Rosie O’ Donnell’s variety show Wednesday night. Thousands of Christians were seen walking around smiling and then breaking… Continue Reading →

Movie Review About Bolt and Me

Bolt is great. I took four of my gang ages 3-9 and they all loved it. I, who am 40, loved it. If you’re looking for stuff to do over this extended weekend go see this movie. I guarantee you… Continue Reading →

Priests Top The Charts?

Three Irish priests may be hitting the top of the pops by covering songs like Benedictus, Panis Angelicus and Be Thou My Vision among others, according to the Daily Mail. They’re celibate, saintly and say they are not in it… Continue Reading →

Today On CMR – November 27, 2008

Fr. Barron: Biblical Themes in Indiana Jones—Snakes! Why did it have to be snakes? Thanksgiving Treat: Food to Laugh At—The gallery of regrettable foods is really quite hilarious. Elton John Against Gay Marriage?—I’ll admit I didn’t see this one coming…. Continue Reading →

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