This is kind of sad and kind of funny in a sad way. A screenwriter is suing Mel Gibson saying that he was underpaid for his work on “The Passion. Now, since this was a movie based on the Bible I’m thinking that pretty soon the estates of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John are going to join in making it a class action lawsuit and really go after Gibson.

Newsmax writes:

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Gregory Alarcon on Tuesday ordered Gibson to appear for a deposition by mid-January.

Screenwriter Benedict Fitzgerald claims he was underpaid for his work on “Passion.”

His attorneys say Gibson spent tens of thousands of dollars on his children’s education while filming in Italy and paid a chiropractor $78,000. They contend those expenses lowered payments to Fitzgerald.

I always hate to see these kinds of things go on but especially with this movie. If this is really about the cost of Mel educating his children I can’t see it having much merit but one never knows. I hope it works out for everyone involved.