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Month February 2015

Article: Why I Terminated My Pregnancy After Learning My Baby Had Down Syndrome

A woman who terminated the life of her unborn child after learning the baby would likely have Down Syndrome wrote a piece that appeared on the Yahoo Parenting site. It’s interesting to me that it would appear on a “parenting”… Continue Reading →

Heh. This is What Happens When the South Gets Snow

This is pretty funny. The South is getting snow so you have newspeople going out to teach people how to sled. Rule #1: Don’t sled down a hill where a big ice boulder awaits, wanting nothing more than to smack… Continue Reading →

Cardinal Baldisseri Has To Go

Over at the Register I demonstrate how Cardinal Lorenzo Baldisseri’s shameful (and possibly illegal) behavior means the Pope has no choice but to fire him. The Pope promised an open, honest, and free exchange of ideas. Cardinal Baldisseri has betrayed… Continue Reading →

In: Questioning Jeb Bush’s Catholicism. Out: Questioning Obama’s Patriotism

So you might remember there was a bit of outrage when Rudy Giuliani questioned President Barack Obama’s patriotism last week. You might have seen it mentioned once or twice. Or a hundred times. And there was a national gasp when… Continue Reading →

Pontifical Council For Cluelessness

From the same dopey people in the Vatican who brought that painful #LifeOfWomen Video, the English language version of which was eventually pulled because it was so roundly mocked, we now have this stupidity posted on the Vatican website. This… Continue Reading →

Amanda Marcotte Shocked to Learn Christianity Plays a Role in Politics

http://t.co/LFhD3AxQW5 Why do women vote Republican? One word: Jesus. — Amanda Marcotte (@AmandaMarcotte) February 25, 2015 But come on, it’s a pretty important word. Marcotte writes in Slate (no link for asshattery): There’s been an increased interest in recent years… Continue Reading →

Ultimatum: ISIS To Kill 150 Christians Unless Obama Stops Airstrikes

They’re assuming that President Obama cares all that much: Inquistr: ISIS is clearly feeling the pain after weeks of intense air strikes against it by the U.S.- led coalition fighting the spread of the terrorist organization in the Middle East…. Continue Reading →

Pope Francis’ Controversial “Mexicanization” is Kinda Legitimate

Pope Francis warned against the “Mexicanization” of Argentina. In today’s hyperbolic politically correct gotcha’ culture, this is being treated like a big deal. Which it’s not. It just isn’t. And he’s right. The pope said he didn’t mean to offend… Continue Reading →

How Will Notre Dame Do in China?

Well, word has it that the University of Notre Dame is contemplating opening a satellite campus in China. Hmmm, how will Notre Dame get along in a country that isn’t committed to a culture of life, doesn’t really respect free… Continue Reading →

Bill Nye The “Idiot Guy”

It takes someone who fancies himself very smart to get this kind of dumb. Our friends at Newbuster.org bring us the ludicrous comments of Bill Nye “The Science Guy” from last week’s Bill Maher show. Bill Nye says that everybody… Continue Reading →

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