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Month April 2009

Border Patrol Ordered Not To Wear Masks

Protection for me but not for thee. That is the mixed message out of the White House. While Amtrak Joe Biden is telling everyone to stay off trains, subways, schools, or any confined space to avoid exposure to the disease… Continue Reading →

Sarah Palin – Chopper Mom.

Sarah Palin – Chopper Mom. So Sarah was on American Chopper and hung with the bike-building guys behind Orange County Choppers for a bit. Sarah seems really relaxed here and it shows how easily she relates to regular folks. Now,… Continue Reading →

It’s Not Mexican and It’s Not Swine

Might political correctness have fatal consequences when it comes to swine flu? Whether or not it does, there’s no question that political correctness is playing a role in every step of how the government is treating this disease which Professor… Continue Reading →

Vatican Newspaper Say What?

We can argue about whether The Vatican newspaper was right or wrong when, according to CNS, it said that President Barack Obama’s first 100 days in office have not confirmed the Catholic Church’s worst fears about radical policy changes in… Continue Reading →

The Headline Next Door

If found the following two headlines on CNN right next to each other. Uh huh.

Pro-Lifer “Lashes Out?”

This report from Fox News really bugged the heck out of me. And this isn’t the first time. This is just the latest example of such blatantly anti-pro-life garbage from the mainstream media. And remember that Fox News censored Matt… Continue Reading →

Are Conservative Women Hotter?

Look, I’m not sexist or anything but I am a man. A non-Perez Hilton kinda’ guy, if you know what I mean. So these ideas occur to me from time to time. I’ve always dug conservative women. Even when I… Continue Reading →

Pope’s Would-Be-Assassin A Catholic Convert?

In a letter allegedly written from prison and published by an Italian Weekly Mehmet Ali Ağca, the would be assassin of Pope John Paul II, is claiming to have renounced Islam and embraced Catholicism. The intent of the letter doesn’t… Continue Reading →

The Swine Flew!

The moment was five years ago. Senator Arlen Specter was on the ropes and locked in a dead heat with little known Congressman Pat Toomey in the GOP Senate primary. Republicans had to make a choice. Vote their conscience or… Continue Reading →

What? Obama Doesn’t Care About Unborn?!

A “Conservative evangelical” on President Obama’s Faith Council is shocked…shocked I tell you to discover that President Barack Obama doesn’t really care about the unborn! According to CBN: Dr. Frank Page, one of the key conservative evangelicals on President Obama’s… Continue Reading →

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