Protection for me but not for thee. That is the mixed message out of the White House.

While Amtrak Joe Biden is telling everyone to stay off trains, subways, schools, or any confined space to avoid exposure to the disease formerly know as Mexican Swine Flu but now referred to as Undocumented Flu , Janet Napolitano at DHS is refusing requests from the Border Patrol to wear masks.

The Washington Post writes of the disparity:

It’s a border, not a barrier, yet the money-changers on the Mexican side wear rubber gloves and face masks. And 50 feet to the north, Raul Martinez changes pesos into dollars with his bare hands, and not a stitch covering a smile that turns rueful when he’s asked why.

DHS is afraid of how it might look if Border Agents wear masks but not concerned about Agents catching the disease. I suppose they haven’t thought about the fact that masks on agents also protect the people the agents are inspecting. What if an agent gets the flu and has contact with thousands of people a day? How will that look? Janet, it is the Department for Homeland Security not Homeland Sensitivity. How did this woman get the job again?