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Month April 2010

New Movie About the Sex Abuse Scandal?

Hollywood! The town that’s afraid to make terrorist villains come from the Middle East is now making a movie about the Catholic Church’s sex abuse scandal. How brave. Because you know, nobody’s heard or read anything about this subject so… Continue Reading →

Hilarious Media Bias Part XVIMXXX

Meredith Viera is laughably awful and biased journalist. Check this out. HT Weasel Zippers And of course Newsbusters.

Cute Chubby Baby Does Weird Thing

EMBED-Chubby Baby Does Weird Tile Slide – Watch more free videos I’m not even sure how the child is propelling herself across this floor but it’s very cute anyway and she seems to be enjoying herself. Mad props to John… Continue Reading →

Tick, Tick, Tick – Doomsday Comes & Goes

Somebody should tell Duke Puntalangit, a self-described Marian visionary from the Phillipines, that the key to longevity in the false prophet business is vagueness. Specificity is not your friend. So it is that poor Duke may only have hours left… Continue Reading →

Moratorium on the Crist/Christ Thing

I’m officially asking for a moratorium on the number of writers thinking they’re clever by playing with Charlie Crist’s name off Jesus Christ. Let me make this clear. It’s not because it’s offensive. It’s just really really bad writing. When… Continue Reading →

Ultrasounds are The Rosa Parks of Abortion

Pro-lifers like me love science and technology. Yup. We’re like science geeks without the comic books. And we’ve got girlfriend and wives. For years, religious people have been called backward and anti-science while pro-lifers actually couldn’t wait for scientific and… Continue Reading →

Anti-Catholicism is the New Vegas

In the life of nearly every celebrity there‚Äôs a moment after the white hot fame cools and the spotlights are averted when a decision needs to be made. Does the celebrity begin a new life in obscurity or do they… Continue Reading →

Pro-Lifers Make Women Cry

Pro-aborts are actually accusing pro-lifers of making women cry. Yup. That’s the new tactic. The ol’ “pro-lifers are a bunch of meany pants” defense. Fox News reports: The requirements of Oklahoma’s new abortion law are drawing some emotional responses from… Continue Reading →

Baby Survives for Two Days After Abortion

Left for dead. That’s the only accurate way to describe the fate of the baby who survived a botched abortion in Italy only to be abandoned until being discovered by a priest the following day. The UK Telegraph reports: A… Continue Reading →

This is Why Our Education System Stinks

You’ve got to check this out. A high school journalism class created a rap video about saving the whales. You want to know what’s wrong with public education look no further than this. There’s so many problems here. One –… Continue Reading →

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