Somebody should tell Duke Puntalangit, a self-described Marian visionary from the Phillipines, that the key to longevity in the false prophet business is vagueness. Specificity is not your friend.

So it is that poor Duke may only have hours left in the prophet trade. You see, Duke may have gotten a little carried away and got real specific. The problem is once you put those dates out there, they have a way of creeping up on you.

So it is that Duke said the following:

Dear Friends,

Greetings in the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Most Immaculate Heart of Mary!

Let me clarify the dates I have given in response to several inquiries I received. Let me enumerate them:

[1] Middle East War will occur between the months of March and April 2010. That’s between March 1 to April 30 this year.

[2] US nuclear explosion will occur 13 days from the day the Middle East War occurs. Five days before that, a nuclear bomb will be discovered in Washington. This will serve to warn the US.

[3] World War III will occur 13 weeks after the war in the Middle East starts.

Your humble servant,


Duke only has hours left for a Middle East war to break out so its not looking good for Duke, good for us yeah, but not so good for Duke.

Duke says this about himself.

I am Duke Puntalangit (my alias only), a Marian visionary from the Philippines. I am not a Church-approved visionary, though, I have surrendered my case to my local Bishop. Taking his advice, I have ceased to promote the parts of my experiences which His Excellency deemed I should “momentarily cease to propagate”. However, I would like to stress here for the record that His Excellency never condemned the “secrets” which I confided to Him, that includes those parts which His Excellency advised me to “momentarily cease to propagate”. Since then I have tried my best to keep my silence on that subject matter covered under His Excellency’s prohibition.

But having observed the current global crisis humanity is facing – political, economic, moral and military, I have come to the conclusion that I must at least warn the faithful of the impending chastisement which was foretold by Our Lady of Fatima. Therefore, I will write about those revelations which Our Blessed Mother granted me and which are related only to the chastisement to come. This I do believing that I have not disobeyed His Excellency, because after all, these revelations are about the chastisements, and not about the other matters revealed to me which concern other matters of our Holy Catholic Faith.

So Duke, when April 30th is over, will you finally listen to your Bishop?

I’m guessing no.