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Month October 2023

Rick Wilson, Who Totally Has the Moral High Ground, Says Someone Must “Put a Bullet in Donald Trump.”

Rick Wilson is against Donald Trump because of his mean tweets and his lawless behavior.

The Great Covid Cover up.

John Stossel and Rand Paul obliterate the conspiracy.

Gavin Newsom Who’s Totally Not Running for President, Guys, Plows Into a Poor Chinese Kid to Show How Fun He Is

Think of the panic Newsom felt as he’s rolling over the child. Not that he’s the least bit concerned he hurt the child but how the video will get out there and be shared. So to make it all better… Continue Reading →

Jen Psaki Horrified by New Speaker’s Christianity.

Gasp! A Christian!!! Notice that she’s not taking this time to say she’s horrified by the rise of leftist anti-semitism or that the NY Times just rehired a Hitler loving freak to cover Israel. Nope. What’s got her upset? A… Continue Reading →

NY Times Rehires Hitler Loving “Journalist.”

Say, remember when the “journalists” at the New York Times lost their minds because the “newspaper” allowed Republican Senator Tom Cotton to publish an op-ed there. They actually forced the editorial page editor to step down. Now, those same “journalists”… Continue Reading →

Michael Knowles Interviews a Former Psychic. “It Was Fine Until the Demon Touched Me.”

Yeah, I could see how that might be a tad troubling. I think Western civilization has done some damage in that it mocks new age beliefs, Wiccan, and psychics. Western civilization tends to mock those things as silly because they… Continue Reading →

Georgetown Fails to Surprise.

We’ve seen recent headlines like this: Campus Reform: “Georgetown students share chips and Oreos at pro-Hamas event” And this one from the G’town student newspaper: “Georgetown must break its silence on Israel’s violent occupation of Palestine.” So, I guess, this… Continue Reading →

So Much for Choice. Judge Orders Girl to Have Abortion.

So much for choice. Spectator: “My body, my choice,” the Left loves to scream. But that slogan apparently doesn’t apply if you’re an 11-year-old victim of an alleged rape and, despite that trauma, still want to have the baby. In… Continue Reading →

The Good News is that People Agree with Pro-Lifers. Bad News is They’re Voting for MORE Abortions.

This has been the story since I can remember. When you drill down into the details, people don’t want abortion to be legal for all nine months. Pro-lifers have celebrated that. However, people keep voting for pro-abortion legislators and policies…. Continue Reading →

Near Death Movie.

This looks interesting. It’s from the same studio that brought us “The Sound of Freedom.” I think I’m up for a trip to the movies. You? It’s called “After Death.” I think anything that has people wondering what’s beyond the… Continue Reading →

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