Gasp! A Christian!!!

Notice that she’s not taking this time to say she’s horrified by the rise of leftist anti-semitism or that the NY Times just rehired a Hitler loving freak to cover Israel. Nope.

What’s got her upset? A Christian is the Speaker of the House. Wait a second. Isn’t she therefore admitting that Nancy Pelosi wasn’t actually a Christian?


I think that was Nancy Pelosi shocked. It’s hard to tell with all the botox. I like to think that in this pic she just learned that she just learned that her aides forgot to put that fifth of whiskey in the podium and that she’d have to do the whole entire press conference sober or as near to sober as she gets.

Todd Starnes: MSNBC host Jen Psaki is horrified over the religious beliefs of House Speaker Mike Johnson. She said she was especially alarmed that Johnson is a Bible-believing Christian.

“I am a Bible-believing Christian. Someone asked me today in the media, they said, well, it’s curious. People are curious, what does Mike Johnson think about any issue under the sun?” Johnson told. Fox News. “I said, ‘Well, go pick up a Bible off your shelf and read it.’ That’s that’s my worldview.”

She said Americans should be scared that Johnson is what she called a Christian fundamentalist.

“Most Americans might not be able to pick Mike Johnson out of a lineup, but in reality he’s far from benign,” said Psaki. “It’s not just his political ideology that should scare us. Johnson is basically a Christian fundamentalist.”

Psaki reacted as if Johnson had just admitted being from another planet.

“You heard that right!” said Psaki. “The Bible doesn’t just inform his worldview, it is his worldview.”

And Psaki is not the only one alarmed by Johnson’s religious beliefs. There are even some members of his own party, along with a host of conservative pundits, who are bristling at the idea that the new Speaker of the House actually follows the teachings of the Bible.

Johnson is a Bible-believing evangelical Christian who attends a Southern Baptist church and it’s a welcome change to have someone in charge who seeks God’s counsel on a daily basis.

Oh No. Christians!!!Yuck.

I don’t even know what the term “fundamentalist Christian” actually means. Does it just mean someone who actually believes what the Bible says?

This is my constant reminder to you. The left hates you. It pretends to be nominally Christian if they have to but they actually hate you. Remember this one?

Senator Diane Feinstein truly believed that ACB being a Christian disqualified her from serving on the Supreme Court. Psaki now seems to believe you can’t be Speaker. I’d like to know what other jobs are we unfit for?