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Month April 2015

State Department Doesn’t Want to Hear from Nun About Christian Persecution

La-la-la-la-la. We can’t hear you talk about Christian persecution because we don’t want to hear you talk about Christian persecution because there is no persecution of Christians because if we there were Christian persecution we would’ve heard about it and… Continue Reading →

Catholic Schools Could Lose Non-Profit Status Depending on Court’s Gay Marriage Ruling

There was a moment today during the Supreme Court’s oral arguments on whether gay marriage should be considered a right that should make all Catholics concerned with Catholic education and religious freedom stand up and take notice. Continue reading at… Continue Reading →

Deep Thoughts

Taking stuff that doesn’t belong to you under threat of violence for an unrelated social injustice is either called looting or government. *subhead*With Patrick Archbold.*subhead*

Jindal Warns Corporations that the “Tolerant” Will Come for Them Next

Louisiana Governor and possible presidential candidate Bobby Jindal, spoke at the Iowa Faith and Freedom Coalition’s Spring Kickoff and vowed to not allow those bullying Christians and stripping them of their religious liberty to be allowed to continue, at least… Continue Reading →

10 Reasons a Tattoo of Your Baby on Your Face is a Great Idea

A father got a tattoo of his baby’s face on the side of his face. And I’m thinking this is so awesome for so many reasons. 1) You won’t have to keep a picture of your baby in your wallet,… Continue Reading →

Oregon Couple Fined $135 K for Refusing to Bake Cake, GoFundMe Pulls Plug Too

A married couple is at risk of losing everything including their home after refusing to bake a wedding cake for a lesbian couple. And on top of that, after being fined $135,000, GoFundMe.com pulled a fundraising effort for the couple… Continue Reading →

WaPo Writer Texts During National Anthem, Lies About It

Anyone ever wonder why nobody likes the press. Syracuse.com reports: Helena Andrews, who writes the Reliable Source gossip column for The Washington Post, was caught on video using her cell phone as the “Star Spangled Banner” played Saturday at the… Continue Reading →

Pro-Abort Dick Durbin to Speak at Georgetown

“Throughout my 20 years as an elected official, I have strived to be a leader in the fight to protect women’s rights. In addition to preserving women’s reproductive rights, I have fought cuts in family planning funding and supported the… Continue Reading →

My First Article At My New Digs!!!

Would you be so kind as to support me in my first article published at my new digs, The Remnant. I am very pleased that they have asked me to be a contributor there even though, as most know, I… Continue Reading →

Abp. Cupich’s Dereliction of Sacred Duty

Michael Voris (at the new ChurchMilitant.com) has the video of Cardinal George’s Funeral Mass at which the non-Catholic Governor of Illinois was allowed to receive holy communion. Did the archdiocese of Chicago, while extending an invitation to the governor to… Continue Reading →

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