La-la-la-la-la. We can’t hear you talk about Christian persecution because we don’t want to hear you talk about Christian persecution because there is no persecution of Christians because if we there were Christian persecution we would’ve heard about it and we haven’t heard about Christian persecution…La-la-la-la.

Nina Shea reports:

Why is the United States barring a persecuted Iraqi Catholic nun — an internationally respected and leading representative of the Nineveh Christians who have been killed and deported by ISIS — from coming to Washington to testify about this catastrophe?

Earlier this week, we learned that every member of an Iraqi delegation of minority groups, including representatives of the Yazidi and Turkmen Shia religious communities, has been granted visas to come for official meetings in Washington — save one. The single delegate whose visitor visa was denied happens to be the group’s only Christian from Iraq.

Sister Diana Momeka of the Dominican Sisters of Saint Catherine of Siena was informed on Tuesday by the U.S. consulate in Erbil that her non-immigrant-visa application has been rejected. The reason given in the denial letter, a copy of which I have obtained, is: You were not able to demonstrate that your intended activities in the United States would be consistent with the classification of the visa.

She told me in a phone conversation that, to her face, consular officer Christopher Patch told her she was denied because she is an “IDP” or Internally Displaced Person. “That really hurt,” she said. Essentially, the State Department was calling her a deceiver.

One of the fears that the State Department has is that if Sister Diana comes over here and requests asylum to avoid persecution, the State Department would have to acknowledge Christiain persecution. So it doesn’t want to do that.

So get this -they fear that Sister Diana will want to stay in America to avoid persecution so they won’t allow her in so they don’t have to acknowledge the persecution.

You can read more at National Review.

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