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Noam Chomsky: Unvaccinated should ‘remove themselves from the community,’ access to food ‘their problem’

This is what godlessness begets. Materialism views people as just material. And sometimes you have to cut material to create the vision, huh? Celebrated leftist philosopher Noam Chomsky recently argued that those who remain unvaccinated should be segregated, saying that… Continue Reading →

Priest Promotes Covid Vaxx for Children from the Pulpit

If only Jesus’ message to people were more interesting than maybe priests like this wouldn’t have to resort to preaching their ripped from the CNN headlines rather than spreading the gospel. Opining about the news rather than spreading the good… Continue Reading →

Compare and Contrast How the Media Handles Witches and Kirk Cameron

YahooLife has a new story up. The headline kinda’ speaks for itself. “Real-life witches on the misconceptions they face and using magic as a form of self-care: ‘It was a way for me to cope’” A pretty laudatory piece through… Continue Reading →

Wow. Jim Caviezel Delivers Powerful Speech: “The Storm is Upon Us.”

It starts slow but wow does it pick up and take off.

Vatican Names Abortion Advocate to Pontifical Academy.

Pope Francis has appointed leftist death cult population control advocate Jeffrey Sachs to the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences. Wonderful! Sachs recently criticized the Biden administration for overstating Chinese abuse of Uyghur Muslims, saying it’s wasn’t genocide per se. Not… Continue Reading →

Are you a Recovering Catholic?

I hear people say “I’m a recovering Catholic.” I guess it’s said flippantly. It’s almost a cliche at this point. But what are you exactly recovering from? A disease? Is faith in Jesus a disease? A disease that’s gone into… Continue Reading →

Christians Are the Most Chill. And They Should Really Stop That.

Netflix workers didn’t walk out on their job over “Cuties,” the child porn movie that Netflix aired. So it’s just interesting to note what they don’t get incensed over. Because yesterday they all walked out over Dave Chapelle’s comedy special… Continue Reading →

NY Times Says Boom in Christian Schools is…You Guessed It, Racist

It’s not the fact that public schools are forcing the children to wear masks. It’s not the insane Critical Race Theories or the weird gender bending curriculums that bear no relation to science. No, the fact that parents are pulling… Continue Reading →

I Didn’t Tell Her My Name

My kids had the same pediatrician for years. Their whole lives. She came in to see my first daughter the day after she was born. She was tall and angular with intense eyes. The doctor, not my daughter. My daughter… Continue Reading →

Great Vid: The Miracle of Mathematics.

As Philosopher William Lane Craig explains, mathematics is a big deal because it “lies at the foundation of transformative technologies like the personal computer and the color photograph. Its theorems led to the discovery of Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity…. Continue Reading →

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