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Guys, They’re Telling Us What They’re Doing

This speech from the PM of New Zealand got applause and agreement from the audience at the United Nations. Increasingly, the left is explaining their intentions. In short, we are at the point when the villain monologues. Do you know… Continue Reading →

Saint Vincent College Demonstrates the Moral Collapse of Catholic Education

Bradley C. S. Watson was a longtime professor at Saint Vincent’s College, a Catholic college. What he writes at the Spectator should alarm all parents considering Catholic colleges for their children. A case in point is the institution from which… Continue Reading →

She Threw PJP II Book Across the Room. But It Changed Her Life.

I’ve said it before but I love conversion stories. It’s a guaranteed happy ending, kind of like a Hallmark movie but with God. Katie Jacobson shares her experience of wandering through a number of Evangelical Protestant denominations before finding a… Continue Reading →

Don Lemon Attempts to Blame Hurricane Ian on Climate Change. Weatherman Brutally Rebuffs.

This is sorta’ fun if only for point and laugh purposes. Never let a crisis go to waste, am right? This is amazing. Don Lemon tries to blame Hurricane Ian on climate change. NOAA’s hurricane director shuts him down. pic.twitter.com/svTjHtE8hl… Continue Reading →

The Crying Time

I was a bit young at the time to take it all, but I thought we were past it. They stopped testing us in school and masks were few and far between. I guess the general consensus then was that… Continue Reading →

Let’s be Clear, The “MEEK” Marjorie Dannenfelser Just Kicked All Your Asses

MSNBC recently ran a segment in which CBS Sunday Morning‘s Nancy Giles mocked Marjorie Dannenfelser, head of Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America for standing “meekly” behind Senator Marco Rubio. As if she were an XX chromosone political prop. CBS’s Nancy… Continue Reading →

MSNBC Mocks Lindsey Graham for Being Gay

But it’s all cool because they’re allowed to make fun of people for being gay. And its especially ok because they’re making fun of a senator who pretends to be conservative. Mediaite: MSNBC anchor Stephanie Ruhle and her guests on… Continue Reading →

Wow! The Famous “Rocky” Theme is Inspired the Sacrifice of the Mass.

We’ve all heard the inspiring theme from the Rocky movies. It may be the most iconic of the 20th century and its still used today in sequels. The composer of the theme Bill Conti said he found the inspiration for… Continue Reading →

84 Year old Pro-Lifer Shot Going Door to Door

Nothing to see here folks. Just some fascist pro-lifer got what was coming to her. Just a local crime story. Not national news. I repeat. Not national news. The Blaze: An 84-year-old volunteer for a pro-life group was shot following… Continue Reading →

Governor Newsom Advertises for Abortion by Quoting…Jesus?

So Governor Newsom is advertising in other states to promote abortion tourism in his own state, given that thousands upon thousands are fleeing California. CNA: When Gov. Gavin Newsom of California unveiled his plan for a billboard advertising campaign inviting… Continue Reading →

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